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Oh, Shut Up, Karl.

Whatever else Karl Rove may be, he is a huge player in establishment Washington. It is not surprising that he should stand up and speak against [1] anything that threatens establishment Washington.

The thing is, because of his love for establishment Washington, he failed to recognize in the 2016 election that the rank-and-file GOP has more than had enough of establishment Washington.

Or, perhaps, wanted to downplay that anger, making his own reality if you will, in an effort to hold on to what power and influence he had within establishment Washington. much the same way as the Democrats have been making their own reality for the last 2 years.

He’s still doing it, and frankly I’ve run out of patience with him.

Limbaugh [2], meanwhile, has the situation correctly identified.

RUSH: So, I see that Karl Rove is out today with his column in the Wall Street Journal suggesting that Trump just move on now.

Rush Limbaugh

Don’t focus on the origins of the investigation, don’t waste time trying to find out what happened here, because that’s only gonna tick off swing voters. Now, I know that Karl Rove is a walking genius, indisputable. But I have to tell you I cannot tell you how much I disagree with this. These people need to be identified. They need to be investigated.

What they did needs to be reported over and over and over again until every American understands it, and there’s no reason Trump should just now move on and ignore this. Because the Democrats aren’t. Have you heard the latest? The latest is the New York Times. Folks, these people aren’t giving anything up! They’re still gonna try to prove that the Russians interfered in this election. They’re still gonna prove this report is bogus. They’re still gonna carry this stupid water pail, because it’s all they’ve got.

That’s exactly correct. There is no reason whatsoever to let the Democrats up off the mat that they’ve pinned themselves to.

Investigations, arrests and convictions should follow, because the actions of the Democrats and of the press that pushed this nonsense forward deserve every bit of it. The dishonesty of the Democrat Party should be a centerpiece of the Trump re-election effort.