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Mueller Report Spinning Up Trump Derangement Syndrome – Victory Girls Blog

Victory Girls this morning: [1]

One of the things that those of us who are cynical cranks knew beyond onotological certitude is that the release of the Mueller Report initial findings by Attorney General Bill Barr would mean absolutely diddly squat to the vast Democrat Media Industrial Complex. The spinning up of the Trump Derangement Syndrome is the only result that was possible. Anyone who thought the Dems would accept the Mueller Report finding needs to put her unicorn in the stable and leave Fairyland.

The heaving bosoms waiting for the Report were all convinced that Donald Trump colluded with Russia, obstructed justice and killed several paraplegic kittens. Trump is guilty, guilty, guilty. No other outcome was acceptable. Even though only a few completely deranged Dems would say the “I” word, the impeachment of Donald J. Trump was the only endgame. They all new it to the bottom of their gnarly feet. The goal was to teach all of us “Deplorables” a lesson. Stay quiet and let our betters “RULE” us.

The problem of course, is that Mueller went on a fact-finding mission. The left and the establishment GOP who have forever been trying to take Trump down, are unmoved by facts.