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It’s Time to Prosecute the Democrat Cover Up

Nice to be able to source from Monica Crowley again at The Washington Times [1]:

What they have done — explaining the 2016 election results with the malicious Trump-Russia collusion lie — goes way beyond sore loser syndrome.

It was, in fact, an attempted coup to remove the duly-elected president by weaponizing some of the most fearsome arms of the U.S. government. And the conspirators enjoyed an invaluable, constant assist from their media wingmen.

Monica Crowley

The entire Russia conspiracy, orchestrated by high-ranking figures in the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton campaign and broader leftist network, was designed to undermine and then destroy the crass interloper who posed an immediate existential threat to all of them. They had to crush him before he could crush them.

It was also designed to provide maximum distraction away from their potential crimes. A multi-year special counsel investigation of a sitting president for something that never happened would grant the actual plotters enough time to cover their tracks and run out the clock on various statutes of limitations so they could escape prosecution.

As I said earlier today [2], this stuff needs to be exposed repeatedly investigated, prosecuted, its perpetrators convicted and jailed, for long periods of time.