Eric Florack on March 23rd, 2019

Paul Sperry at the New York Post, with a reminder: Bitter to the core, she and her campaign aides hatched a scheme, just 24 hours after conceding the race, to spoon-feed the dirty rumors to an eager liberal media and manufacture the narrative that Russia secretly colluded with her neophyte foe to sabotage her coronation […]

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Some years ago in these spaces I labeled Glenn Greenwald the least honest person in the blogosphere. As far as I’m concerned, that is still quite true… but every once in awhile honesty leaks out, even with Greenwald It turns out even he’s had enough of the constant drumbeat of Russian collusion coming from the […]

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Eric Florack on March 23rd, 2019

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Eric Florack on March 23rd, 2019

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So Robert Mueller’s report has finally dropped. As we’ve been saying all along it is a huge Nothing-Burger. Britt Hume said it best. Meanwhile over at MSNBC tears are flowing, literally. Those tears are understandable, given that the last two years of her “reporting” have been revealed as wishful non-thinking. This whole sham investigation has […]

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