Rachel Mitchell is a career sex crimes prosecutors.  Cory “I am Spartacus” is clown who poses as a senator.  The difference between a criminal prosecutor and a senator is that the senator plays for sound bytes on news, whereas a prosecutor plays for evidence for her closing argument.  In addition Mitchell was burdened by the need not to furnish the ‘rats with sound bytes, from Sally Zelikovsky, American Thinker:

I admit, at times, like most of you, I just wanted her to go for the jugular, but Mitchell’s cooler head wisely prevailed.

What she did and did beautifully despite the ridiculousness of the five-minute ping-ponging was (1) lay a foundation; (2) elicit admissions from Dr. Ford; (3) tack back and forth in time and subject matter; and (4) display a calm demeanor, which was nothing less than I would expect from a seasoned sex crimes trial attorney

Mitchell did her job brilliantly.  She torpedoed Dr. Ford’s story, fear of flying, the second front door, counseling about how t take a lie detector test, what she heard from the bathroom, etc.  All without creating a negative sound byte.  Well played my lady.