Silly Gilly, b/k/a Senator Kristen Gillibrand, in positioning herself for a presidential waddle in ‘Twenty.  Silly Gilly calls herself a women’s champion, but in reality only hates men (to include her two sons?).   Now Gilly is campaigning with one Linda Sarsour, a leading apologist for militant Islam, which hates their own women even more than it hates men, from Daily Wire:

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has been openly courting progressives, likely as part of a plan to position herself as the chosen candidate of the far left ahead of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary. But on Thursday, Gillibrand may have taken her furthest left turn yet; she was introduced at a “#CancelKavanaugh” rally by none other than Women’s March organizer (and noted anti-Semite), Linda Sarsour.


Sarsour called Gillibrand, “another champion, another one of our people who works for us on the inside,” as Gillibrand came bounding up the stairs and onto the stage, trailed closely by comedian Amy Schumer.

Golly, both Silly Gilly and Amy Schumer bouncing up the steps.  Somebody going to need a new staircase.

As the Reagan Battalion points out on Twitter, Sarsour is associated with anti-Semitism, and the vile, anti-Jewish, misogynistic leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan. Sarsour is a conspiracy theorist, an apparent supporter of female genital mutilation, and anti-Israel activist. Associating with her should be political poison.

As to Silly Gilly and Sarsour’s girls parts, or potential lack thereof, have the girls pledged fidelity to the cause of radial Islam by donating their girl parts, and if not why not.  I wonder if the world’s most famous amateur gynecologist Mr. B.J Clinton could check them out and report back? 

3 Responses to “Kirsten Gillibrand And Linda Sarsour”

  1. Do not DISCOUNT that Jiggleband is the puppet of Chuck The Scummer of TV and Radio fame.

    So was Huma’s husband, and it worked for him for a long time.

    We have some road to travel yet, and hopefully Jiggleband too will fall as did Huma’s husband.

  2. I grant you that Jiggles is all the intelligence of sock puppet.  However, Jiggles and Sarsour would be rather odd pair of sock puppets for a Jewish puppet master.  Maybe Chuckles sent his niece their to keep an eye of the pair?

  3. David, you ever heard Politics makes strange bedfellows?

    How does the pairing of Huma and her Hebrew husband make sense?

    Jiggles was a nothing when she replaced WHO?
    There are pictures of Jiggles & Billy.

    What is seen in public is well staged behind the curtain first.

    These scumbags we laughingly call government are not what they appear in public.