Once upon a time, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford sent a letter to her congress woman, who in turn, forward the letter to the (very} senior senator from California one Diane Feinstein.  Dr. Ford testified that she wanted her letter to remain confidential.  Strange claim, but who I am to argue with the good doctor.  Some how, Dr. Ford’s letter got leaked to the press, For her part Senator Feinstein has denied responsibility, from CBS News:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., said during the Brett Kavanaugh hearing Thursday that she and her staff did not leak Christine Blasey Ford’s story to the press. Ford had contacted Feinstein confidentially in July after Kavanaugh’s name had been put on a shortlist for the Supreme Court nomination, and some Republicans have blamed Feinstein for Ford’s identity becoming public.

That having been said, let us examine Senator Feinstein’s long and sorry history of leaking,from American Thinker, December 18, 2014:

Dianne Feinstein should never have been considered to chair the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Anyone who knows anything about that woman would never take that kind of risk. Her recent release of the CIA “torture” report is not the first time she has divulged information that has put Americans’ lives at risk. Nope, she endangered the lives of Americans as far back as August of 1985.

And from BPR, June 9, 2018

Evidence shows that a former high-level staffer of Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein is inextricably linked to Ali Watkins, a former Buzzfeed reporter, currently with The New York Times, who had accepted classified intelligence from former Senate Intelligence Committee security director James A. Wolfe.

Wolfe was arrested this Thursday on allegations that he had lied to the FBI during the bureau’s investigation into whether or not he had leaked classified intelligence to the media

And last from Patriot Journal, January 11, 2018:

The FBI opened this investigation due to the debunked Steele dossier. This dossier was widely panned, even by liberal journalists, as unverifiable. Yet then Director James Comey considered it enough to persecute Trump–and everyone who voted for him.

Now another violation of justice has occurred. Dianne Feinstein released a transcript from the ongoing investigation. Not only does this undermine any legitimate investigation, but it shows how desperate the Democrats have gotten.

Reax from Red State, September 27:

The key reason for today’s grotesque circus lies at the feet of California Senator and possible ChiCom Useful Idiot Dianne Feinstein. Christine Ford sent her letter with her half-baked allegation about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to Feinstein. It was Feinstein who sat on it rather than acting. It was Feinstein, or her office, who leaked the letter to CNN. And a substantial body of evidence points to a Feinstein staffer named Heather Sawyer as the source of the leak.

So privileged information is safe in or around Senator Feinstein. The senator will leak, or let be leaked any formation she feels will be used for her political advantage.

Senator Feinstein has let loose of barrage of charges which allege that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kanvanaugh is guilty of long string of sexual assaults, or worse.  I say it is far more likely that Senator Feinstein leaked Dr. Ford’s letter than Judge Kavanaugh assaulted her.  What say your?

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