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‘rats, Judge Kavanaugh And Maryland Law

Did something happen to Christine Blasey Ford in or around Montgomery County, Maryland in the early ‘eighties?  Well Ford seems to remember something happening, which she describes as sexual assault and attempted rape.  Moreover she describes her assailant as Brett Kanvanaugh.  The Senate democrats say they believe Ford, and that his heinous renders Kavanaugh unfit for the Supreme Court.

Now I find it hard to determine exactly what Ford is describing.  However should more like heavy petting than attempted rape. More important than what I think, what did Maryland law say, from Mark Tapscott, Lifezette [1]:

Montgomery County [Maryland] police chief says an investigation today would be based on ’82 measure, which had a one-year statute of limitations

Maryland law in the early 1980s classified acts like those alleged against Judge Brett Kavanaugh (pictured above right) by Christine Blasey Ford (above left) as misdemeanors with a one-year statute of limitation, according to local officials who would oversee an investigation today.


“Furthermore, the law at the time the offense occurred is the law that must be applied to any charges that might be brought,” Manger and McCarthy wrote. “For example, in 1982, assault and attempted rape were both misdemeanors and subject to a one-year statute of limitations.”

So if you assume that every thing Ford alleges is in fact true, then Kavanaugh is guilty of a misdemeanor.  Do Charles Schumer’s minions really want to set a standard that a juvenile misdemeanor disqualified a citizen from federal office.  What say you Senator Cory Booker [2]?