Can any person who honestly believe is Anthropogenic Global Warming own or fly in a private jet?  I say no.  Governor Moonbeam, b/k/a California Governor Jerry Brown apparently says yes, from William Teach, Pirate’s Cove:

San Francisco International Airport’s corporate jet traffic rose roughly 30 percent during an international climate change conference in California, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

California Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown hosted the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco from Wednesday to Friday. Brown traveled to the conference by car with his security detail, but the governor is known for his lavish travel on other occasions, such as a 2016 trip to Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine with real-estate tycoon and Democrat Party donor George Marcus.

More than 4,000 elected officials, executives and environmentalists converged in San Francisco for the climate conference where participants discussed the threat of climate change and looked for solutions.


What, you expected all those government big-wigs and rich climate change leaders to fly commercial? How gauche. They have to have their champagne, caviar, and fly in utter comfort. They’ll drop a few bucks on (supposedly) planting a tree somewhere to offset their Bad Climate Behavior.

In the spirit of the Instant Professor, tell your grandchildren to start believing in Global Warming after the jokers who promote the cockamamie theory begin acting like their theory is true.