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Michael Mann And the Climate Temple of Doom

If you can’t find any evidence, just find a bigger soapbox and scream even louder. Michael Mann is long on hysteria, but short on evidence. Even his cited evidence does not support his loudly proclaimed conclusion, from Guardian [1](UK):

Extreme weather has struck across Europe, from the Arctic Circle to Greece, and across the world, from North America to Japan. “This is the face of climate change,” said Prof Michael Mann, at Penn State University, and one the world’s most eminent climate scientists. “We literally would not have seen these extremes in the absence of climate change.”


Mann points out that the link between smoking tobacco and lung cancer is a statistical one, which does not prove every cancer was caused by smoking, but epidemiologists know that smoking greatly increases the risk. “That is enough to say that, for all practical purposes, there is a causal connection between smoking cigarettes and lung cancer and it is the same with climate change,” Mann said.

Hat tip: Watts Up with That [2].

What a scientist does to adapt his theory to explain the evidence.   What Mann does is alter his evidence to explain his theory.   Call what you will.  It is not science.