Disclaimer, I am not a fan of the World’s richest gigolo, one J. Forbes Kerry.  Then I am a patriot, from Front Page Mag:

Democrats and their media allies have turned the country upside down investigating claims of collusion by the administration. Obama and Clinton allies in the DOJ have eavesdropped on Americans, raided their homes in the middle of the night, and denied the President of the United States the elementary protection of attorney-client privilege based on the opposition research of the Clinton campaign.

Collusion is not a Federal crime. Violating the Logan Act is.

The double standard on Trump and Kerry would have us believe that the President-elect has no right to back channels to foreign governments, but that a former Secretary of State is entitled to have them.

Michael Flynn as incoming National Security Advisor for the Trump Administration had discussion with the Russian government about possible sanctions relief. For this the Obama holdovers in both the DOJ and FBI launched a Logan Act investigation into Flynn.

Meanwhile back at the yacht club, J. Forbes Kerry, former and disgraced Secretary of State for the extinct Obama regime, is still traveling around the world vainly trying to preserve the Obama regime foreign policy. Had the voters approved to the Obama regime foreign policy, her royal thighness, Mrs. B.J. Clinton might well be Madam President, duly elected even if not sober.

One Response to “J. Forbes Kerry And George Logan”

  1. Hanoi John is just doing his best to keep his daughter’s head attached, er I mean happy marriage intact.

    He probably didn’t even ask for a kickback when OBongo sent the plane full of cash.
    Where did all that cash come from anyhow?