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And What of the UN?

Here’s what we should be doing about this [1]

* Immediately withdraw all funding from the UN. Every last dime.

*Tell the members of the UN to pack up and leave the United States. They have 24 hours.

* Arrange for that ungodly firetrap on Turtle Bay to be torn down. It simply isn’t useful to its original purpose of world peace. All it does is Give legitimacy to criminals.

*Immediately end all foreign aid to any Nation who voted against us in the UN. If we’re not getting anything for the money we invest, why invest it?

It’s time to stop paying for an organization that gives Thugs and terrorists like Iran Noth Korea, Cuba, Syria and so on, legitimacy.

This is over reaction, say you? No. It is not an overreaction. It’s time for the remainder of the world to get itself in line. This is by far the more reserved path. The more restrained response.

I will remind you that I have long been of the opinion that the cause of World Peace would have been best served by dropping a nuke on Turtle Bay… preferably when the general assembly was in session.