From the Washington Post(no link):

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló is warning that his government needs broader assistance from the federal government, calling on the Pentagon especially to provide more aid for law enforcement and transportation.


Whenever lawmakers get around to passing such legislation, Rosselló wants them to remember: “This is a major disaster, not unlike Katrina or Sandy. There is going to be a hefty toll for us to make sure that we can reestablish normalcy and build Puerto Rico back stronger.”

Aside to Governor Rosselló, here after Little Ricky, no the government of Puerto Rico is bankrupt and incompetent.  The only thing it needs is to be replaced.  It is the people of Puerto Rico which need the help.  The American people need to find a way to help the people of Puerto Rico.  The first step should be for Little Ricky to resign.  Put the government of Puerto Rico into a federal receivership.

Much like the aforementioned Katrina and Sandy, Irma and Maria were man made disasters, a natural disaster made worse by incompetent local government.  The government of Puerto Rico was incompetent before the storms hit.  Giving an inept government millions of taxpayer dollars will not make the government in Puerto Rico the least bit more competent.