Memo to Bobby Mueller:   Welcome to the kitchen.  The political web site, Hill, thinks it lives in some alternative universe, a/k/a Media La-Le Land, were liberals are free to attack, but somehow conservatives must refrain from responding:

President Trump’s legal team and political allies have launched a preemptive strike against special counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump’s backers are furious about a story that appeared Wednesday in the Washington Post, in which five anonymous sources alleged that the president is the target of an obstruction of justice investigation for allegedly trying to bury an FBI probe into his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn.

So either Robert Mueller, personally or through one of the henchmen he personally hired, leaks like a rusty bucket to the liberal media, but somehow the response to Mueller’s leaks is labelled preemptive. The Department of Justice must make Mueller obey the laws, to which keeps what is secret, secret, or fire him.

Meanwhile, is anybody investigating Mr. and Mrs. Clinton’s obstruction of justice, in getting the DOJ to direct the FBI to clear Mrs. Clinton for her reckless disregard of national security?