I Won, was against greed before he was for greed, from Fox News:

Fox Business reported that Obama has agreed to speak at a Wall Street conference run by Cantor Fitzgerald LP. The speaking fee will be $400,000, which is nearly twice as much as Hillary Clinton, his secretary of state, and the 2016 Democratic Party candidate, charged private businesses for such events.

Obama has agreed to speak at Cantor’s health care conference in September and will be the keynote luncheon speaker for one day during the event, people at the firm told Fox Business. These people say Obama has signed the contract, but the company, a mid-sized New York-based investment bank, is waiting to coordinate with the former president before making a formal announcement.

“Is there an irony here because he spoke incessantly about the income gap and is now earning from those same people he criticized? Yes it is,” said Hank Sheinkopf, a Democratic political consultant. “Should we expect it? Yes, we should because all former presidents do this. He went on the attack against Wall Street and now he’s being fed by those same people he called ‘fat cats’. It’s more hypocritical than ironic.”

“Mr. President, at what point will you think you have made enough money”, video:

What service, that is commodity, does your speech provide?  You can’t eat a speech, which only acerbates global warming.
Addendum: Eric

To expand on David’s last paragraph, I’d like you to consider something about all this.

The people paying this money has a rather healthy balance sheet. One does not achieve a healthy balance sheet by paying exorbitant sums with no return. Clearly the people investing here are expecting something in return. Shouldn’t we be asking, what?