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No, Folks, It’s Not a Temper Tantrum

Several times now I’ve seen reference to some of the left is cry babies having a temper tantrum. While I do agree that that is an easy label to apply, I am convinced that it is far more Sinister than this. The answer’s not quite so easy.

We’ve all seen reports of protesters being asked to name the states that Trump’s travel pause would affect. And, we have seen that most of the people questioned on the point can’t name the specific States involved.
Doesn’t having a temper tantrum involve knowing what you’re angry about?
No, this is something that is more properly referred to as value signalling. This is George Soros and Company trying to create their own political reality by apparently having his socialist values injected into the popular culture, as if his views were always American values.
I hasten to add that this tactic was used by Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Ho Chi Minh, etc, etc, etc.
These people need to be slapped down hard. Repeatedly.