Me, elsewhere…
Look, even absent Russian influence let’s talk about what actually moved the needle on this election. Whoever it was that attained the emails, those documents, attained #genuine #articles. Nobody, not even the Democrats has disputed the idea the documents and what they revealed were true. So, what influenced the election was the distribution of the truth. 
Somehow I don’t see that as particularly Criminal.
Now let’s look more directly at the charge were involved with this revelation. For this part I have to refer back to something that I already wrote a few weeks ago….
Does anybody remember Ted Kennedy sending a letter to the Russians back in 1984 trying to delegitimize the election of Ronald Reagan?

Does anybody remember the hell-raising that Al Gore brought to the table over his losing the election?

There’s more to this list of course but you get the point I think. It’s impossible to look at the current situation without examining the history of the thing.

And by the way let’s also remember that several laws were broken to provide the Russians with uranium. And now based on what Hillary Clinton’s people are saying it was the Russians that caused her to lose the election? I don’t think so.

Even if we ignore this, does anybody really think that if the Russians were going to hack the election that they would allow Hillary Clinton to win the popular vote?

I mean, look. Anybody who’s read anything I’ve written in the last year knows full well that I am no way a Donald Trump supporter. The fact of the matter is that absent Hillary Clinton’s criminality there is no way Donald Trump wins the presidency.

And isn’t that the real Point here? We’re not just talking about covering up a political loss. We’re talking about muddying the water to prevent prosecution for criminality on a scale seldom seen at these levels of government previously.

Stalin you see taught his lessons well.

At the end of the day all this is about muddying the water so as to prevent effective prosecution. The Democrats know full well that there is a chance albeit a small one, that Donald Trump will actually have the stones to respond to the public outcry for Democrat blood.

If you doubt me on this, ask George Zimmerman about the value of a narrative that is well entrenched before facts show up.