Slow Joe Biden, Vice President of the United State, according to CNN, via Twitchy:

Biden: Hillary Clinton never figured out why she was running

Reax, Twitchy:

Before awarding Biden points for brutal honesty, note that he dismisses as unfair any suggestion that it was “raw ambition or a desire to move back to the White House” that compelled her to run for president (again).

Now it pains to say that Slow Joe is wrong, yet again. It was not that the woman formerly known as the Smartest Woman in the World, did not know why she was running for President. She surely did. Rather Mrs. Clinton could not figure out a convincing way to explain to the voting public why she would be selected to an office to which she felt entitled. Is that not the least she would expect for enduring the decades of public humiliation heaped on her by her husband.