The B.J. Clinton fan club, otherwise known the remaining democrat base,  has and is making a big deal that his wife won the popular vote.   So, from Daily Mail(UK):

Final tally shows Trump lost popular vote by 2.8 million – but he BEAT Clinton by 3 million votes outside of California and New York

  • Clinton won California by 4.2 million votes and New York by 1.6 million, running up the score in places where she would have won no matter what
  • Outside of those two liberal states, Trump was 3 million votes ahead
  • California alone accounted for more than Clinton’s national popular-vote edge

Bits Blog flash, the woman formerly known as the Smartest Woman in the World, ran a popular vote campaign in an electoral vote election.

Just how clean was the popular vote in California?   From Inquitr:

Phillips is not alone in his concerns. In recent years, California’s voter ID laws became a matter of contention. According to Ballotpedia, the Office of the California Secretary of State stated that “California voters are not required to show identification at their polling place.” However, a California “voter may be asked to provide identification at the polls if it is his or her first time voting”.

One of the acceptable forms of voter ID in California is a driver’s license. The “New Motor Voter Act” passed in October 2015 resulted in over 2.83 million estimated undocumented immigrants becoming capable of receiving driver’s licenses. In response, Judge Andrew Napolitano voiced the fear that “an illegal alien in California [can] get a driver’s license, register to vote, you can vote in local, state, and federal elections in California and those votes count.” However, California has not directly passed any law which directly gives illegal immigrants the right to vote.

As California has gone out of her way to facilitate illegals voting, and makes no effort to prevent them from voting, I see utterly no reason to believe the California published vote counts are legitimate. Do you?