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J. Forbes Kerry Lurches Off Stage

J. Forbes Kerry Lurches off stage in what we can only hope is Lurch’s final speech as Secretary of State. Lurch opined out the dream, delusion, of two states, one Jewish and the other Palestinian, living side by side by together in peace. It stands to reason, not necessarily Lurch’s forte, that in order for any two states and neighbors to live together in peace, both must accept the other state’s right to exist. The Pali’s have never accepted Israel’s right to exist and rejected mulitiple two state proposals, due the nasty inclusion of a Jewish state, from JVW, Patterico’s Pontifications [1]:

Giving a farewell (and not a moment too soon!) speech at the State Department, Secretary of State John Kerry backed up the Obama Administration’s ugly betrayal of Israel at last week’s U.N. Security Council session, and in a way that only a smug, pompous, crass, rich dilettante who travels with a full security detail could, he essentially demanded that Israel open themselves to Islamofascist violence


[T]o advance this proposition now, after the Administration’s cluelessness towards events in Egypt, wrong choices in Libya, and ugly dithering in Syria has made things in that region far worse than they should be — to pivot and blame Israel for ruining the peace process under those circumstances is a level of delusional make-believe that I wouldn’t have thought even these vacuous narcissists would stoop to. The foreign policy of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry has been relentlessly awful for eight years, and good riddance to that horrid crew.

Everybody has to right sometime, given Lurch’s long history of being wrong, this does not appear to be the time.