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Dirty Harry Reid Passes Gas As He Leaves the National Stage

Background, at one point, to some degree and with varying success, the following parties tried in unduly influence the general election, Mrs. B.J. Clinton, she wanted to run against Little Donny; George Soros;   the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; the Mainstream Press, and the Democrat National Committee, in the tank for Mrs. Clinton.

Yet, but not surprisingly, the Slime from Searchlight has staged one final act of breaking wind on the nation stage, Dirty Harry Reid as cited by the Puffington Post [1]:

Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with WikiLeaks in the runup to the presidential election to damage Hillary Clinton, outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) charged on Monday.

Reid, who has sharply criticized FBI Director James Comey for sitting on intelligence connecting Russian operatives and the Trump campaign, said he was unsure if Trump himself was aware of the activity. But he said people in Trump’s orbit certainly were.

Pried from behind the Wall Street Journal firewall by Scott Johnson, Power Line [2]:

Democrats are still in shock from their defeat, and many want to add the Kremlin to FBI Director James Comey, fake news and the Electoral College as excuses that cast doubt on the legitimacy of Mr. Trump’s victory.

The new information in these latest stories is less about new intelligence than it is a judgment about Russian motives. Other sources who have seen the intelligence say there’s strong evidence that actors linked to high-level Russian officials hacked the Democratic National Committee (DNC) website. The Russians then posted them on sites they set up or handed them to WikiLeaks, though even the WikiLeaks transfer isn’t known for sure. The Administration made public the conclusion about the DNC hack months ago.

The difference now is that the intelligence community is said to have concluded with “high confidence” that the Russians did the hacking to help elect Mr. Trump. But we’re told the evidence for this conclusion is far from definitive, and multiple intelligence services offered no such judgments when briefing the House Intelligence Committee on the election-related hacks last week.

Just as Dirty Harry proclaimed he knew the contents of Mitt Romney’s tax returns, he claims to make a certain judgement that our national intelligence agencies were not willing to make to Congress.  Maybe Dirty Harry opted for the wrong career.  Instead being the most corrupt senator in Washington, he could been a real live Maxwell Smart.