The community organizer approved response to report of a single Swastika on the University of Missouri, Columbia campus was demand the resignation of the school’s dean and shut down the entire campus.   It fits the narrative.  It need not be true.

Contrast with the Islamist murder of over hundred twenty civilians in Paris, France. From Peter Beinart. via Hot Air:

“The attacks in Paris,” Rubio began, “are a wake-up call.” Forgive the pedantry, but this is among the stupidest clichés in politics. Wake-up calls are things you plan yourself because you want to be awoken from your slumber at a set time, usually by a hotel clerk. The Paris attack was a horrific surprise orchestrated by France’s enemies. It wasn’t a “wake-up call” unless you believe its ultimate author was France itself.

In other words, one University of Missouri Swastika, perpetuated by an unknown perpetrator is a wake-up calls, solely because it fits the liberal narrative.  On the other hand, six score plus of civilians dead because of an Islamist terrorist attack is not a wake-up call, solely because it does not bit the liberal narrative.

Note to the media from Donald Trump, keep repeating your regime issued talking points all the way to election day.