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Nightly Ramble: Random Thoughts

Tonight, I’m just outside of Wharton New Jersey. Been a long day, the truck is giving me a little trouble right now. Mostly, the PA mandated garbage is fouling up again. I suspect a wiring issue, but we’ll see once I get it back up to the shop. When I do, but it’ll probably means that I’ll have to give the truck up for a week. That’s the most annoying part of all of this. Welcome to my world.

I note with interest the handful of stories the last couple of days regarding deaths involving fireworks, and stupid people. One launching a rocket off of his chest, another off the top of his head,etc

Almost invariably, attached to these stories is the empassioned plea to outlaw such things.

To that point, I can only suggest that the problem with using law to protect idiots from themselves is, you end up with Democrats.

I’ve been sitting and watching this business with Donald Trump going by for the past several days, that all I can do is laugh and shake my head.

That Trump is so far out in front of the GOP chosen, suggests that the GOP leadership still hasn’t learned what the rank-and-file voters want. The rest of the GOP field, they’re all including Carly Fiorina, claim that Trump doesn’t represent the party. Seems obvious to me, that given the popularity of the man has, particularly in comparison to the rest of the field, that  *they* don’t represent the party. Or perhaps more correctly if they do, the party may as well call in sick because it’s not going to win anything in this next cycle.

Understand, please, that I’m no fan of Donald Trump. He presents his own issues, and those issues currently under discussion don’t scratch the surface of them. That said, I’ve been saying it for quite a while now, we either get somebody nominated who is an actual conservative, and is willing to stand up for his beliefs without compromise, or we lose the next election. It’s really that simple. Like him or hate him, Trump qualifies, there.

And in the meantime, another of our Mexican brothers makes headlines. [1]

I see an expert has popped up saying that voting machines in Illinois and Maryland were rigged [2] for Democrats. Well, this should be no surprise to anyone.

Actually though, it is. At least to some degree. We’re talking about two of the most heavily left leaning states in the Union. Even there, the Democrats don’t think they can win without tipping the scale?

And finally, I’ll close this evening with this horror story [3]about the doctor who made millions off of the government, by prescribing and performing all kinds of treatments that weren’t necessary including chemotherapy to patients who didn’t have cancer. Nothing wrong with them. Until he got his hands on them.

I want you to ponder something today in all seriousness.Can you imagine this happening, without a governmentally driven guaranteed payment for the doctor?

Tell me again about how government belongs anywhere near health care.

And down the road I go. I’ll see you tomorrow.