trumpI would call Rosie O’Donnell a pig, but our host, Art, is from Iowa, and the pigs might get offended being compared to Rosie. Donald Trump is fond of wrestling with pigs. The problem with pig wrestling is that is often hard to distinguish the competitor from the pig. Being indistinguishable from a pig is hardly a qualification to be president. That Donald’s problem. He wrestled with so many pigs that he often gets confused for a pig. Such is life.

On the second string, but albeit prime time, debate Megyn Kelly went after Donald for his dances with pigs, from Inquistor:

This year’s first Republican presidential debate staretd off with a bang as Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly and real estate mogul Donald Trump got into a heated exchange.

The fiery confrontation happened during the stages of the debate where Kelly grilled Trump— currently the Republican presidential frontrunner— on his blunt and sometimes disrespectful comments, especially against women.

For his part, Mr. Trump’s handling of the issue did nothing to distinguish himself, nor to make him look presidential.

It is possible that Mr. Trump has a thinner political skin than even Mrs. Clinton. Kind of hard to believe.