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Zoey Tur: Trans-female And All Bully

We have found something even more elusive than the gene for homosexuality.  What is this magical something that converts a biological male or female into believing his inner sex is opposite from his physical, god given, sex?  The trannies and their apologist don’t know what it is, but they are adamant that it exists, as one Ben Shapiro discovered, from American Thinker [1]:

On Thursday, Ben Shapiro appeared with several other guests on a television program called Dr. Drew on Call. The topic of discussion was whether Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner deserved to receive ESPY’s Arthur Ashe Courage Award. And before you know it, another guest by the name of Zoey Tur, who, like Jenner, is a male who identifies as female, responded to a comment made by Shapiro with a physical threat.


Zoey Tur, nee Robert Albert “Bob” Tur, is free to wear a dress, a bad wig and to call himself a girl.  Tur is free to assert that chromosomes are not relevant.  Tell that to a person with Down’s.  Yet if Tur wants to preen about as girl, he should learn to behave like a girl.

Had the actions of Tur and Ben Shapiro been reversed, and it was Shapiro who assaulted Tur, the PC lynch mob would have already been formed and Shapiro would be unemployed.  Yet as it was, Tur was the guilty party, and will get was a lame excuse to the effect that trannies should not be expected to hold their temper. I guess acting like a civilized lady or gentlemen is too much to expect from a tranny.