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Snark of the Day: Roger Simon

snark2.jpgThe Snark of the Day, Roger Simon:

So goodbye, Donald, it’s been fun. You did a good job bringing up immigration, Mexico and sanctuary cities, but you’d be a lousy commander-in-chief of the United States military. And if there’s anything clear right now, that is by far the most important qualification we should be looking for in our next president. In fact, you could almost say it’s the only one. Earlier, I have written, referencing The Godfather, more than ever “we need a wartime consigliere.” I’m doubtful about my opinions about many things, but not about that.

Hat tip: Ed Driscoll, Instapundit [1].

Giving the proverbial boot to La Donald’s head in only by duty.   It was a mistake for Trump to impugn John McCain for defending his country, living up to the Code of Conduct, and acting with honor.