You ask me where do I find racism in the Twenty First Century. Turn on the television, or just open the pages of the Washington Post.

Is the WaPo racist? Just as sure as Bruce Jenner is still a man,and Elizabeth Warren has always been Caucasian

Baltimore burns, WaPo:

We have to explore the why behind the anger that led to the rioting in Baltimore to prevent it from happening again.

I look at so many things through a prism of personal finance. Money does make the world go around, and the lack of it can make your world very difficult, confining and hopeless. Given what’s happening in Baltimore and other underserved neighborhoods, many are asking: Where is the money going?

Oh we need to learn blacks are angry, and I suppose spend yet more tax payer dollars to placate the aggrieved blacks.

Black churches burn, WaPo:

Since at least 1822, when the first recorded burning of a black church occurred in South Carolina, church arson has been the default response of racists frustrated with progress — or even the faint specter of progress — on civil rights. More than even lynching, burning houses of worship remains a go-to weapon in hate groups’ arsenal. Torching churches such as Mount Zion persisted decades after the passage of the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, 100 years after Booker T. Washington dined at the White House and 150 years after the end of the Civil War.

What’s the enduring appeal of this very specific terrorist act for those who wish to express hate?

What no calls to learn why the four* three remaining members of the Klu Klux Klan are angry? When a black is angry, it is the fault of the whites for not understanding blacks. Conversely, when a white is angry, is the fault of the white for not understanding blacks.   One size fits all.

If you want to progress towards a post-racial society, it would help to hold all individuals to the same levels of expectation.   The Reverends Jackson and Sharpton were not available for immediate comment.

Clinton_Gore_92Commentary, Jonah Goldberg, National Review:

Blogger Glenn Reynolds noted that when the South was solidly Democratic, we got Gone With the Wind nostalgia. Now that it is profoundly less racist, but also less useful to Democrats, it’s the enemy of all that is decent and good.

I note that the NAA[L]CP is calling for black congregations to protect themselves from violence, a suggestion I endorse. Yet is the NAA[L]CP suggest members of black churches exercise their Second Amendment Rights? I kind of doubt it.

[*] Oops, Sheets Byrd is dead.

Addendum:  back to the WaPo and black churches:

As flames engulfed Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church, a predominantly African American congregation in the tiny town of Greeleyville, S.C., Tuesday night, social media lit up with expressions of sorrow, speculation and outrage.

The fire was one of six at black churches in the past two weeks, and one of hundreds, possibly thousands, in the past two centuries.

Now back to the real world, Crawdad Hole:

One of the churches was a white church. One fire was caused by lightning. Another was caused by a falling tree limb that struck a power line. But two cases of arson neither of which is definitely a racial hate crime just doesn’t have the same zing.

Let me be clear – torching a church for any reason is despicable. The same goes for torching a mosque, synagogue, temple or any other house of worship, and that includes the Wasilla Bible Church. But let’s stick to the facts.

Lo and behold, two acts of God, wind storm and lightning, is God a racist? Then don’t let the actual facts side track an otherwise great media narrative.