Four American heroes dead.   One stupid policy   Gun free safety zones yet again used to commit mass murder:


Salute: Ace

Marines volunteer to defend their nation.  For God’s sake let them defend themselves.

Addendum I, Doug Powers @ Michelle Malkin:

The unsettling bottom line: To paraphrase Mark Levin, our soldiers aren’t trusted with guns at military facilities but the Obama administration trusts Iran with nukes. This is the world we now live in. Sleep well.

Islam continues to wage war on the West, politicians fiddle.\

Addendum II, MOTUS:

So instead of dealing with an enemy who wants to establish a caliphate and kill everyone who will not submit, we have “lone wolves,” “lone gunmen” and “workplace violence.”

Odd, isn’t it, that Barry doesn’t like the fact that small town Americans cling to their guns and religion butt is seemingly “content” (h/t Major Garrett) with our enemies doing the same.

We cling to our guns and our religion, because, unlike the moron in the White House, they both serve to protect us.