I know nobody will ever confuse MSNBC for Prager University, or consider Melissa Harris-Perry as smart as Maxine Waters, but this is amusing, from Darleen Click, Protein Wisdom, video:

Gibberish in, gibberish out.  Harris-Perry is attempting, but not succeeding, in trying to apply some consistent logic to liberal social gibberish.   Sex, male or female, is a well defined trait.  You are conceived as a male, or you are not.   Whereas, there is no  single factor which defines race.   The fact that Barack Obama with  a white mother and black father, is considered black is a social convention, and a racist one at that.

However, liberals find utility in muddling the differences between male and female.   At the same time, they don’t want to share their lucrative racial grievance business with any white crackers.   Who can blame Reverend Al Jackson?

File under transracialism