Question Mrs. Clinton:  If you could not or would not separate your personal business from your official duties as Secretary of State, what confidence, if any, would the American public have that you could do so while serving as President?  

A short but loaded mouthful from Viking Pundit:

You’re not going to believe this but Hillary lied about her emails

Hot Air highlights a story from the New York Times about how Clinton flunky Sydney Blumenthal used his position in the Clinton Foundation to influence policy in Libya.  Remember Libya?  “NYT: Banned from State Dep’t, Clinton Foundation crony advised Hillary on Libya anyway — while pursuing business there; Update: Another e-mail lie.”

If you read the story, it seems that the Blumenthal emails were obtained by a hacker.  But wait!  Weren’t we told by Hillary that relevant policy emails were printed out while irrelevant emails about yoga workouts were wiped clean?  Are the Blumenthal emails part of the Hillary email dump?  Don’t bet on it, because Hillary set up a separate email address for Blumenthal:

While you are not answering question Mrs. Clinton, a follow-up;  if you did deign to answer the above question, what reason, if any, would the American public have to believe you?    I mean it not like you have any practice actually telling the truth.

Now that Mad Men is wrapped and finished, the Clinton Criminal Clan becomes the nation’s number one source for sordid and nefarious characters

Addendum, from Aleister, Legal Insurrection:

You may have noticed that our unbiased media is asking Republicans lots of questions about the Iraq War.

Hillary Clinton is the only 2016 candidate who voted for the Iraq War as a senator; she was also directly involved with the war in her role at the State Department. Perhaps she deserves a few similar questions—when she finally decides to take one.

Are you holding your breath?