Today, I started with a visit to the dentist. So, my driving day got off to kind of a late start. Which of course means that I’m probably going to be out until halfway through Saturday at least.

The truck is fine, I’m fine, though both of us are suffering under the sudden onslaught of summer. What happened to spring, anyway? I’m already starting to hear about global warming from the usual suspects, but these morons seem to neglect the blizzard conditions in the Northern Plains.

Thank God I don’t have to drive out that way. At least, for a few weeks yet. I’m expecting to have to make a run out west at some point over the summer to pick up new trailers for the company. That’s actually a run I’m looking forward to. But, not for a while yet.

As it is, I’m headed from Rochester out to Long Island.Welcome to my world.


I note Mark Halperin and his inexcusable racial stereotyping in his questioning of Ted Cruz. I recognize that he wanted to challenge Cruz. I also recognize why. Simply, Halperin is, like most of the press, a progressive. So much for the idea of an unbiased media. That’s lesson number one.

(Amazingly, there are a few in the social media who claim Halperin, currently the senior political editor for Time and MSNBC, is a conservative, of all things. I suppose you have to make up excuses to cover for such bias, such racism.)

The second, & I think more important lesson of the Halperin interview of Ted Cruz is that it’s liberals and so called progressives that wallow in the racial stereotype sewer. Its just that they give themselves and their fellow travelers a pass on the matter.

The online interview show that Halperin co-hosts on is called “With All Due Respect.” But there was nothing respectful about the line of questioning. It started off innocently enough with Halperin asking the 2016 GOP presidential candidate about whether he thinks Hispanics will vote for him. He also mentioned a speech that Cruz had given to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and gave Cruz the chance to explain his argument that Republican economic policies help Hispanics.

Nothing wrong with that. But then Halperin made it personal, and the interview careened into a ditch. He told Cruz that people are curious about his “identity.” Then, the host asked a series of questions intended to establish his guest’s Hispanic bona fides. What kind of Cuban food did Cruz like to eat growing up? And what sort of Cuban music does Cruz listen to even now?

I’ve known Ted for more than a decade and I could tell he was uncomfortable. But he played along, listing various kinds of Cuban food and saying that his musical taste veers more toward country.

I kept waiting for Halperin to ask Cruz to play the conga drums like Desi Arnaz while dancing salsa and sipping cafe con leche — all to prove the Republican is really Cuban.

Let me inject here that I am by no means convinced of Ted Cruz. I am mildly interested, but that’s about it for me, as far as his run for the presidency is concerned. I think his running will be useful to the cause of constitutional conservatism. Whoever wins.

But, then again, as for Halperin and his display of outright racism, what would you expect from a group… The left…  whose very lifeblood is identity politics?

Extending that thought, according to these, one cannot be a “real” black and be conservative, for example. Apparently, we have to get Dr. Sowell off those melanin treatments… He’s confusing people. One cannot be a real woman and not support killing the unborn. The vast majority of people in this country on governmental supporter are white, yet, you are considered racist against blacks and other minorities if you do not not believe that stealing from others by force of government is an appropriate way of solving the poverty problem. Meritocracy is held to be outright racism. Etc, etc, etc. This is all stuff that everybody knows, but it is seldom held up in such stark relief for us.


Do I think this is going to change anything? Do I think the Democrats and progressives are going to be embarrassed by this exposure? No. That would require shame, which is something that they have never shown us.

Indeed, were shame a quality that could be attributed to progressives, progressives at large would be all over Mark Halperin like a wet t shirt over this blatant racism.

But here’s another point to bear on all of this. At the moment, we only have two people running under the Democrat banner. Hillary Clinton, whose problems with ethics have gotten to the point where they are axiomatic in the political world. And then there’s Bernie Sanders, whose outright socialism, makes him taking the oath to support the Constitution to be laughable at best. Anybody else who can conceivably run at this point from the Democrat side, is white, rich, and advanced in years. So much for the Democrats and their supposed commitment to diversity.

Other matters…

I note with some interest the goings-on in the UK. Supposedly, the outright victory of the Tories caught some by suprise.

Sorry, but I’m supicious at least. Why is it that everytime something happens to make a group of people called liberals, look bad, or look like losers, it’s “unexpected”? The economy takes a downward turn, it’s “unexpected”.  Not just once in awhile, but every single month. Congress swings to the right so hard you can hear the doors slamming in Obama’s face, and it’s a “surprise”. “Unexpected”.

We’ve been watching this pattern for a few years now, so it’s easily identifiable. If there’s anything about this that’s a surprise it is that the phenomena showed up in the UK, given  that the conservatives in Britain are pretty much like the establishment GOP here in the States. Not really conservative at all. And there is nobody in Britain at this point who is actually in a position of power, and looking for smaller governments. The choice for the British voter is between liberal, and liberal light, as it has been so often here in the states the last 30 years or so. Trust me when I say that David Cameron is no Margaret Thatcher.

Even with that ,  and with the British press cheerleading the Liberals, and shamelessly promoting them, the consensus from the press in the UK appears to be at this point that Miliband pulled his liberals too far to the left for the taste of the British public. The consensus here in the states appears to be pretty much the same thing when you can get people to talk about it.

Yes, It does seem clear to me that the British press was rooting for Ed Miliband’s liberals. When they got their backsides handed to them, it was “unexpected”. At least, to the press. Apparently, an unbiased press is as rare in the UK as it is here in the States. Equally apparent is the idea that the British public is not following the dictates of the British press any longer in terms of politics.

One minor point of interest is what’s going to happen to the UKIP and to the SNP.

Personally, I’d like to see the Scottish National Party get its way, get Scotland its independence, which by nature would include getting them off the dole that’s been coming to them from London ever since the act of unification. Let the SNP turn Scotland into the socialist paradise that’s been their wet dream for a couple of decades. You see, I’m of the opinion that stupidity should be painful. Otherwise, you don’t learn from the mistake.

When Scotland becomes the next Greece, it falls on its back side, and socialism is disproved yet again, London can step in yet again and pick up the pieces, without all the far leftist bellyaching.

Frankly, I wonder if that kind of intelligence actually exists in London, I tend to doubt it. But, we shall see.

And down the road I go.
I’ll see you tomorrow.

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