Been a long day. I got up around three this morning, drove from the southern tier of New York to mountain top Pennsylvania, over to southern New Jersey, and then back to mountain top, at at the moment I’m back in New Jersey. At 3 o’clock in the morning I will get up and drive into Brooklyn to deliver a load.

The truck, other than that blessed service engine soon light is behaving itself. I suspect the computer will shut it off tomorrow during the day sometime. That’s been the way of it before. Meaning, I think that light being on is a false alarm.

I did manage to get the sleeper cooler dealt with. It now functions as it should. Which is a little annoying actually. It does make the sleeper bearable in the summer months, but it makes all kinds of noise on my radio systems to the point where I can’t hear anything beyond a mile or two away. Annoying indeed.

I’m planning on taking both Friday and Monday off to allow me to spend some quality time with Donna. We don’t get to spend nearly enough time together and I am very much looking forward to this weekend. Welcome to my world.


The first thing that caught my eye, or more correctly my ear this morningmorning, wasn’t report from Eli Lake over at Bloomberg. For those who don’t know, Lake is approximately 2 inches removed from the Clinton administration. Watch for him to be beating the drums for Hillary for however long she manages to survive this election cycle.

Lake reports that the Obama administration new years ago that at best Iran is about 3 months away from being able to create a nuclear bomb. That’s right, 3 months. Not the year or more that he has been telling us about. In short, Obama lied yet again.

And, oh by the way, Benjamin Netanyahu was telling us the truth while Mr Obama was busy stamping his feet and telling us all what a liar Netanyahu was.

There’s this also. Have you noticed that the tone of the conversation has shifted away from the idea that Iran having a nuclear weapon at its disposal is totally unacceptable, to where we are now which is who are we need to say that they shouldn’t have a nuclear weapon?


Always ask the same question here that I did the other day is regards to Hillary Clinton. Did Democrat ever tell the truth? Ever?

Oh, speaking of Hillary, there’s an article in the New York Post today about how for in cash, those for and donations, are making Bill and Hillary filthy rich. There’s another this suggests that only 15 percent of the cash given to the Clinton Foundation went to charity.

Of course, I should point out that quid pro quo is nothing new for the Clintons. Matter of fact, here’s an example of that that I wrote during her last campaign.

If there’s anything that amazes me about all of this it’s that these criminals still have their defenders amongst the voting public.


Well now that question seems to have been answered.

And down the road I go. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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