Today, I’m in Hanover Pennsylvania. I  dragged a load of salt down from Silver Springs New York to this place. I’ve never been here before, and the route in, given the small size of the streets around the place, made it a bit of a challenge.


It’s a challenge I’m used to dealing with these days, though there was a time when I would probably lose 5 pounds in sweat just getting in here.

From here, I’ll Drive up to Carlisle Pennsylvania and pick up a load for Queens.

The truck is working well, and it is a beautiful day. Near on 60 degrees, with some high cloud cover and lots of sunshine.

Yes, I know, I didn’t post around the last couple of days, mostly because I was having difficulty with the software that interfaces my phone to the website. I’ve dealt with that issue over the weekend , and we are back up and running. Welcome to my world.


I see Hillary Clinton got off to a interesting start in her presidential campaign. Right off the bat her staff started with what can only be described as a Freudian slip.
It’s amusing, that the Daily Mail, a London paper, had more in the way of testicular fortitude, when they printed up these talking points about her launch.

Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times,’ says the multimillionaire politician in a launch video

Her chief of staff stepped on her big moment with an email to donors saying, ‘I wanted to make sure you heard it first from me’

Clinton’s press office left an embarrassing typo in its press announcement, saying that she had ‘fought children and families all her career’ 

Official campaign website is full of biographical material but includes no policy statements or issue platforms

 Republican Party fires its opening salvo: ‘Americans need a president they can trust and voters do not trust Hillary Clinton’

Hillary will start her ‘listening tour’ in Iowa and New Hampshire without huge fanfare, and then have a more formal launch event in May

Wunderkind campaign manager, 35, was a child when she was first lady and didn’t live through her defining White House scandals

That nobody printed this stuff in the States goes directly to what I’ve been saying all along, the mainstream press in this country really doesn’t want to tell the truth about Hillary Clinton.

It’s amusing at least to watch Hillary Clinton striking a populist tone, as if nobody in the country knows that she’s a multi-millionaire… With honesty issues, a criminal past, and she shares values with absolutely none of us.

“This is your time”, she says.
Is she suggesting that she’s going to do something that her fellow Democrats, led by Barack Obama didn’t do? Are we supposed to forget, perchance, that she was part of the Obama administration and responsible for a goodly chunk of its failed foreign policy? That the policies that the Obama Clinton administration pursued domestically, can only be characterized in truth as abject failures? That those same failed policies are all she’s bringing to the table now, aside from the decades long history of corruption that is forever attached to the Clintons?

If you mentally correct the typo that is suggested in the article I linked, you see she is claiming to have fought for women and working families all her career. How, specifically? Oh look at her rather meet your output as a senator doesn’t speak to that. What other opportunity would she have had? Nothing. The only thing she’s been doing is running her mouth.

In all seriousness, what is she going to do that hasn’t been tried already? And is this claim for her is a suggestion that obama got it wrong?

Let’s not kid ourselves here. Everybody knows all of this, and the only way let she wins the election, is that those who vote for her turn a blind eye to this sordid past.

In conversation, Brian brings up an interesting point. He suggests that Millennials, such as the one currently mishandeling her campaign, have no idea whatsoever what one on with Bill and Hillary not having been alive then. So, okay, I’m ready to accept the idea that some people might vote for her based on what she says, not understanding that, the last voice of sanity at the New York Times, the late Bill Sapphire said, the woman is a congenital liar.

We here at BitsBlog keep trying to get Vince Foster to come in and do an interview so that we can specifically ask him questions about things like that, but he never answers our phone calls.


Frankly, the only way she comes close to winning the White House is if the GOP doesn’t come up with a genuine conservative to run against her. If they do that, she stands no chance whatsoever. If they run another centrist, will have Hillary Clinton for 4 years.

Given the reaction to the genuine conservatives in the GOP field right now, it seems clear to me that a genuine conservative being run against Clinton, is their worst fear. If the Republicans have brain one they will capitalize on that and embrace the Conservatives in the field. They will reject Bush they will reject Romney and so on. The ball’s in their court as far as I can see.

Then again, it’s been that way for the last several elections, so how that’s going to play out remains an open question.

And down the road I go. I’ll see you tomorrow.

PS.. Remind me tomorrow I’ve got some photographs for you.


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