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Nightly Ramble It’s All Lies

Today I’m running from Carlisle Pennsylvania to Syracuse New York. Nice little run.

From there I’ll run back over to the yard outside Rochester, and have another go-round before the end of the week. The weather’s fine, trucks been good, no problems.

image [1]

The sudden change in the weather prompted an interesting exchange last evening.

“How can it be snowing? It’s 61 degrees outside.”

“That’s not snow, those are moths”.

Welcome to my world.

I see Jason Mc Whorter saying in part, out of all places the Daily Beast

To many, the Columbia Journalism School report [2] on Rolling Stone‘s account of an alleged University of Virginia rape case will seem to be a story about media addicted to seeking sensationalism over accuracy. But the whole sordid affair has been about something much larger: the idea that the pursuit of justice can be separated from facts; that metaphorical truth can be more important than literal truth.

Well, it certainly has been to left as politicians for years and years. That’s how these things get started. That for example is George Soros dumping a couple of million dollars into the riots in Ferguson, to fan the flames.

This is not to say that it doesn’t happen on both sides of the political isle. But it shouldn’t escape your notice that it does tend to happen more often when people have the power of government backing them. There is the key. And it is a key that you often gets ignored.

Another example of story over fact, is the laurels being thrown at the current occupant of the White House over the around deal which even the president admits [3] is doing nothing more than kicking the can down the road, and that’s assuming the Iranians hold up their end of the deal.

Let’s face it, this was all about establishing a legacy, and the White House understanding that the press is all ready and willing to help him do it by spreading the myth, and not the fact.

A few other examples…  A.pizza place in Indiana that has never done catering, decided to not cater to someone because of their religious beliefs…. And the world supposedly is hurt by this.

Anti gun laws work so well, and yet the places with the strictest gun laws on the planet, say, Chicago and Detroit for example, are sheer slaughterhouses. our economy is recovering splendidly we are told, yet 92 million Americans are still out of work, haven’t given up looking for a job in this Obama economy.

Now we find out the salt [4] is not as bad for us as they said it was. Wait, I thought this was settled science, like global warming. By the way, hand me my parka, would you?

We were told that we can’t drill our way to less expensive fuel. Yet the fracking boom has brought fuel prices down in spite of the best efforts of this administration.

If you look closely, you may notice a trend here. We’re being lied to, kiddies.

Is it any wonder, then, nobody trusts the news media anymore?