How much does the lame stream media react to the a failure to embrace, support and indeed celebrate the homosexual lifestyle, what the media calls homophobia?  Will it all depends.  The lame stream media has different standards for different communities who happen to chose not to celebrate the homosexual lifestyle?

A family owned pizzeria in Indiana, when asked by a reporterette with an agenda, if they would cater to small sex wedding, says no.   The media goes nuclear.

Reax, Patterico:

Stop the presses! A family-owned pizza parlor in a small town in Indiana says, not they would refuse to serve pizza to gays, but that they would not cater a gay wedding if asked to . . . which they certainly never would be. I see no evidence that the owners sought out the media to make this statement; rather, it sounds like some ABC reporter was walking from business to business asking if they would cater gay weddings, no matter how unlikely, and found someone who said they wouldn’t.

The media is not afraid, and more than willing, to offend a Christian. Get a Christian, and he is apt ask for you to be forgiven. Then on the other hand, offend a Muslim, he is apt to seek to kill you, video:

Hat tip and reax from Darleen Click, Protein Wisdom:

Now, anyone want to take bets on if any of the Left fascists who have gone after Memories Pizza, forcing it to shut down due to threats, will make even one peep about these particular businesses?

Bravo to Steven Crowder!

Does the media just hate Christians or is it just plain afraid of Muslims?  What difference does it make?  Apparently, the lame stream media believes it acceptable for you not to cater to homosexuals, provided you also believe they should be hanged.

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