I have had it. The Rolling Stone story of an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia was dubious from the start. Yet for some reason, the media kept referring to the fabulist, one Jackie Coakley, as a victim. Victim of what? Her web of lies!
FrCoakley_Jackieom Encyclopedia Dramatica (NSFW):

Jackie Coakley or Jacqueline Coakley lied about being raped in order to get attention and sympathy

From Naomi Schaefer Riley, New York Post:

As an AP article noted, “Despite its flaws, the article heightened scrutiny of campus sexual assaults amid a campaign by President Barack Obama.”

Despite its flaws? You mean despite the fact that as far as anyone can tell, the story was made up out of whole cloth?

From Megan McArdle, Bloomberg:

Moreover, Erdely’s reporting suggests at least two reasons Jackie might have made it up: She first told her story to the school when she got in trouble for failing classes, and connecting with anti-rape groups on campus plugged Jackie into a social network that gave her a feeling of purpose and fellowship. Had Erdely tried harder to contact the friends whose behavior she maligned, she would have heard a third reason: Jackie had a crush, not returned, on one of the friends she called for help that night.

Narratives without facts are called fairy tales.

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