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Nightly Ramble: Problem One is Enemy Identification.

I’ve started out this week, doing some local work while my truck gets a full service and some much needed repair. At the moment I’m sitting in a warehouse outside Geneva New York, looking at more canned vegetables than I’ve ever seen in my life.

This afternoon, I’ll go out on the road again.

I’m looking forward to that a little less than I might be otherwise, because my wife is home with some kind of flu bug, and my mom was in the hospital over the weekend, for observation.

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Nothing serious, in either case. But, it’s made me attend to the idea that I’m kind of helpless to help those I love when I’m out earning a living. Welcome to my world.

At some point in the distant future someday someone somewhere maybe able to explain to me why it is that are press is fixated on the idea of the copilot of that Germanwings plane was clinically depressed as opposed to the fact that he was associated with a radical Mosque. [2]

Maybe. But I doubt it.

I tuned up on Tom Sullivans Show from Fox News Radio the other day, and he spent significant time examining the depression angle. Never once did I hear him mention Islam. Never once did I hear him mention that the mosque that he was associated with had been closed down at least once by the government there. Not once.

I mean, come on. Priorities, people. Depression is not the enemy.

This is not to say that clinical depression isn’t a serious problem. Of course it is. But it’s not the problem in this case I don’t believe. It seems to me that this is a cover for something to read our governments, both United States and Germany, don’t want to discuss. And certainly the press isn’t interested in it.

Its to the point now where the meme drilled into our heads since the middle of the Bush administration that Islam is a religion of peace, and that terrorism couldn’t be the result of Islam, but of some other socioeconomic or mental health factor has taken over even ostensibly fact-based places like Fox. It’s nothing short of disgusting, and more than a little frightening. When we can’t even speak the truth in terms of enemy identification, what chance have we of defeating it?

Yes and No. I know John Anderson can be a pain in the ass at times, but I find his replacement in Yes to be offensive. Whatever else he might be, Anderson has always been at the center of that group. Whatever personal were behind the front man, Anderson was always the front man. He has been the one constant in all the projects under that name. For the band to be going on without him, doesn’t seem fitting somehow.

And, yes I know I said the same thing a few years ago when Lou Gramm got the axe. The thing is, that in both those cases it was the combination the meshing of the gears that made the whole thing interesting. Remove one of those elements, and the magic is gone. The magic smoke has escaped. Proficient musicians? Proficient vocalist? If that’s the measure, the replacement was a success. If on the other hand the goal was to continue in the same old, both those have been object failures. Sorry, what it is.

I see where Rush Limbaugh and his comments of Harry Reid getting beat up over something or another, are starting to gain some traction. I think it ought to be fairly said that a number of people including myself suggested that scenario back on January the first when this story of Reid’s first hit the papers.

Along comes by Byron York [3] this morning who has added some pieces to the puzzle.

In 1998, Nevada Sen. Harry Reid paid $400,000 for two pieces of residential land outside Las Vegas. It was a complicated deal. Reid secretly transferred ownership of the property to a company set up by his friend and lawyer Jay Brown, who then convinced the local government to re-zone the land for commercial development. In 2004, Brown sold it to a group of developers and Reid walked away with $1.1 million.

“The complex dealings allowed Reid to transfer ownership, legal liability and some tax consequences to Brown’s company without public knowledge, but still collect a seven-figure payoff nearly three years later,” the Associated Press reported in 2006. “Reid hung up the phone when questioned about the deal during an AP interview.”

It was a classic Harry Reid transaction: legal but a little shady, and undoubtedly lucrative. Business deals like that allowed Reid to do very well during his years in the Senate, spent of late in a luxury condominium in Washington’s Ritz Carlton.

When you play those kind of games, particularly in the position that read found himself in politically, it’s got to wash back up on you. Particularly when you’ve got players like Obama and the Clintons involved. And yes, I know what I’m implying there. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t put it past either one of them, either.

This has become the new norm in Washington, and for that matter state capitals around the country of late. So amazing the changes that can happen in 6 years, isn’t it? And of course, all of this is under the guise of fighting for the working family.

Yeah, riiiiight.

If there’s anything that trips my trigger about him, it is the phony soldier business where in Reid got the whole of the Democrats in the Senate to sign off on a letter to the then Clear Channel program director, threatening Clear Channel with action against it’s  “regulated properties” if they didn’t silence Limbaugh on the matter. First Amendment be damned, I suppose. Of course, Limbaugh was right, that McBeth was in fact a phony soldier, [4]never having served today in uniform as a soldier, never having made it past basic training.

The silence from the Democrat was deafening.

That cast the die, for me. Of course, that whole scenario is of a kind with  Bergdhal and a few other like incidents. It’s also the kind with the Democrat screaming about how Chris Kyle, was a coward.

From my viewpoint that infidelity should not go on challenged, and frankly it’s been party wide these last couple of decades. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when I see the traitor John Kerry as Secretary of State when he should have been at the end of the rope.

As for Reid, he got about a quarter of what he deserved. The sad part is, we’ll never know who to thank.

And down the road I go. See you tomorrow.