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Hands Up, Don’t Shoot, the Lie of the Year (2014)

Hands up, don’t shoot, the political lie of last year.  There was never credible evidence that Ferguson Police Officer Darrin Wilson shot Micheal Brown while the latter had his hands raised in the air.  Yet  this false meme became a left stream media tenet of faith and was repeated on the floor of Congress by our elected representatives, from Andrew Branca, Legal Insurrection [1]:

Perhaps the single most potent piece of political theatre to emerge from the Ferguson MO shooting of Mike Brown by Police Officer Darren Wilson was the meme of “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.” The “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” meme was based on the false claim by Dorian Johnson that Brown had his hands raised in surrender when Wilson shot him. A handful of other purported witnesses-none of whom were ultimately deemed sufficiently credible to warrant either criminal or civil rights charges against Wilson-soon parroted the claim.

Protestors were quick to adopt the meme en masse, gesticulating with their hands above their shoulders while chanting the phrase. Even US Congressmen speaking in the House chamber prominently mimicked the same motions:

Eric Holder’s Department of [In]justice could find no problems with the actions of Officer Wilson.