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Luke Russert Steps in It

Luke Russert, son of a great news commentator and grandson of garbage collector from Buffalo, New York, slammed Joni Ernst, daughter of pig farmer from Rod Oak, Iowa. from PJ Media [1]:

Congressional correspondent Luke Russert said on MSNBC Tuesday that freshman Sen. Joni Ernst was a pig farmer this time last year and marveled that she is now she is giving the rebuttal to the president’s State of the Union address. “That is an extraordinary rise in politics right there,” Russert told Joy Ann Reid.

Russert said that Ernst is emblematic of what the GOP wants to be. “That is what you’ll see her do tonight, sell her personality as a war veteran and somebody who was a pig farmer around this time last year and now giving the rebuttal to the president.”

Russert’s grandfather worked for a living. Russert’s father worked his way through college collecting garbage. I have no problem with the son of garbage collector rising to come the most respected news commentator on a broadcast television network. Does young Russert think me wrong. Yet while young Russert sees fit to ride a garbage truck to Washington, he derides a farm girl for hitching a ride on pig.    As a society, we need both garbage collectors and pig farmers.   We like to eat and eating produces garbage which we are loath to smell.   New commentators, only the other hand, produce little of value, and young Russert’s case, only produce what his grandfather hauled away.