First, let me show you a editorial cartoon that came up in my mail this morning. I’m not sure of the original source. But it does tell the tale, rather well.


Secondly, I think it worthwhile to address again the myth of the oppressed black.

Observe closely the people that are the chosen poster boys. Trayvon Martin? Michael Brown? Rodney King?

I suppose that there would be a lot easier time convincing the rest of America that blacks are being persecuted and racially judged etc, if they actually chose the poster child who wasn’t acting like an outright thug. It would be far easier to convince the American public that blacks are oppressed by the police, if it weren’t for the fact that blacks commit crimes far in excess of that of the rest of the population.

And once the predictable happens with these poster children when they either get shot to death or they get jailed, or they get the snot beat out of them, we get a band of people roaming the streets, and protesting against the treatment of this thug, apparently based on nothing more than skin color,WHO supposedly honor the name of the “oppressed ”  by going out and doing precisely the same thing the first thug was doing…… Creating mayhem, loading, stealing, and burning their own neighborhoods to the ground. Or, in short, being thugs themselves.

Given the number of successful blacks there are in this country, it occurs to me that the issue here is not racial, but cultural. I observe once again that those who adopt the majority culture, tend to do better, regardless of what their racial makeup happens to be. The connection between those two factors is direct and undeniable. Yet it gets ignored. Why?

To demonstrate the cultural disconnect, let me ask you if you are a minority, and are successful at being shot by the police tonight, what minority owned business would you like burn down in your name? This after all is what happened in Ferguson. And in LA. Make sense to you? Me neither, and that’s exactly the point. From the cultural perspective of you and I it doesn’t make sense.

Yep, do you remember the riots in Los Angeles and other cities where no J Simpson was acquitted? Yeah, I don’t either.

Is this really the culture these people want to defend? What specifically *is* it that they are defending? What is the message they send by way of who they choose to defend?

Another thought, that occurred to me this morning, and listening to the news regarding Obama’s supposedly meeting with civil rights leaders as to what to do about Ferguson, officer Wilson, etc.

If we make the assumption as the Liberals seem to do invariably that violence like what we see in black neighborhoods is the result of poverty, how in the world did we manage to survive FDR? Clearly, there’s something missing in that analysis.

Something else, too. It’s only taken 6 years of Obama in the White House and six years of overwhelming Democrat rule in both houses of Congress to lead us to this pass. The election of Obama was supposed to be the signal of a race-neutral society, and we were all supposed to be very hopeful about it. That hope turned into dismay, particularly on the part of blacks, when they realized what an abject failure sitting around hoping for unicorns and fairies to show up was going to be. Alas, that, too, is a connection that most people don’t make.

That something is culture.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, since most people don’t seem to make that connection, anymore. But that is in fact the root of the issue.

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