It is interesting.
Outside the Beltway has become, over the years, increasingly INSIDE the beltway, and left-leaning, largely by way of its commentariat. But the final measure of that increasingly left leaning slant at the moment, a total lack of any commentary… any at all… on the Bergdahl¬† mess.

The easiest and most obvious conclusion to come to for this lack is that there’s no way to make the thing look good for the current administration.¬† I keep hoping to see my perception of the matter is off…. but….

2 Responses to “Hey, James Joyner….. Why Nothing on Bergdahl?”

  1. Interesting, the left wing media usually manages to find any lefties in the crowd and pass them off as middle of the road Joe Sixpack.  Yet with Bowe Bergdahl they yet to find, interview and report any of Bergdahl’s brother in arms who supports him.

    As for OTB, I expect that James et al are trapped between a rock and a hard place.  They not in position to say anything good about Bergdahl, and are unwilling to oppose the regime.


  1. EricFlorack