Phyllis Schlafly opposes the Pay Check Fairness Act, for good reason, but liberals, for their own strange reasons, support it. One woman versus the entire liberal establishment. This not even a fair fight. Mrs. Schlafly already battled and beat the Equal Rights Amendment.

So how many oranges does it take to equal a bushel of apples?   Answer it is impossible to say because an   orange is not an apple.  Like the irate feminists who argue for yet more legislation to make women equal to men miss the barrel.   A man and a women are not equal.   Just as a orange can not be made equal to an apple neither can a man and a woman be made equal.   Men and women are different*.

Men and women make different decisions, and do different work, from Mark J. Penn, AEI:

In 2012 (most recent year available) 4,045 men died on the job (92.3% of the total) compared to only 338 women (7.7% of the total). Almost 12 men died on the job for every woman who died while working in 2012 because a disproportionate number of men work in higher-risk, but higher-paid occupations like coal mining and oil and gas roustabouts (almost 100 % male), fire fighters (96.5% male), police officers (86.6% male), correctional officers (72.8% male), farming, fishing, and forestry (78.3% male), roofers (99.3% male) and construction (97.4% male); BLS data here for 2013. On the other hand, a disproportionate number of women work in relatively low-risk industries, often with lower pay to partially compensate for the safer, more comfortable indoor office environments in occupations like office and administrative support (77.3% female), education, training, and library occupations (73.8% female), and healthcare practitioners (74.4% female). The higher concentrations of men in riskier occupations with greater occurrences of workplace injuries and fatalities suggest that more men than women are willing to expose themselves to work-related injury or death in exchange for higher wages. In contrast, women more than men prefer lower risk occupations with greater workplace safety, and are frequently willing to accept lower wages for the reduced probability of work-related injury or death.

So why is the left so obsessed with trying to pretend that oranges are the same as apples, from Kyle Mantyla, Right Wing Watch:

As [Phyllis] Schlafly sees it, women want to marry a man who makes more money than they do.  As such, if women and men make the same amount, then women will be less likely to get married because they will be “unable to find what they regard as a suitable mate.”

The solution, obviously, is to increase the pay gap so that men will earn more than women so that women, in turn, will have a better opportunity to find husbands

No Mrs   Schlafly, is not arguing the that pay gap should be increased.   Rather she is arguing that the so-called pay gap does not exist in the first place.

[*]  Get back to me when fifty-three percent of plumbers are female.

4 Responses to “Phyllis Schlafly V. Pay Check Fairness”

  1. God created everyone equal. We are all different and unique, but equal in the eyes of God and certainly constitutionally.  Yes, some types of work are paid more than others and men are attracted to certain jobs more so than women. But I see no reason for women to be paid less than men for the same position if the quality of their work is the same, years of experience, etc. – certainly not just because one is a woman.

  2. The regime’s cited seventy-seven cents on the dollar figure, provides no evidence that women are paid less for an equally valuable employees a man.  In fact the regime only pays the White House women eighty-eight cents on the dollar as compared to what they pay male staffers.


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