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Just Whos DREAM Act is It?

It is fit of irrational stupidity the New York State Assembly want to give in-state tuition aid to illegal aliens, from Berkeley Brean, WHEC [1]:

It’s called the “Dream Act” and it is generating a huge conversation on our Facebook page. If you haven’t heard, the “Dream Act” would give children of illegal immigrants in New York, the opportunity to get state aid to go to college in New York. It passed the state Assembly this week.

Although, most of the viewers we have heard from are not happy with this proposal. There are some people who support it. They say it would give more people access to college who can then contribute to society which lowers the burden of living here on everyone.

It may be Mario Jr’s, DREAM Act, but it is not mine. The best way to eliminate the burden of the illegal alien to send them back to the country where they belong.