When will the liberals stop waging war on Christmas. First, Greenpeace tried to kill the entire holiday.   Now Aisha Harris, who already has her own holiday*, wants to replace Santa Claus, from Slate:

So let’s ditch Santa the old white man altogether, and embrace Penguin Claus—who will join the Easter Bunny in the pantheon of friendly, secular visitors from the animal kingdom who come to us as the representatives of ostensibly religious holidays. It’s time to hand over the reins to those deer and let the universally beloved waddling bird warm the hearts of children everywhere, regardless of the color of their skin.

I don’t think much of our culture’s treatment of Christmas, and I disdain Kwanza. Sobeit.  However, I have an offer for Ms Harris. I will leave Kwanza alone, and she should leave Christmas alone.    There is an historical and cultural basis for Santa Claus.  Therefore, Ms Harris should refrain from passing her judgement on cultures which she simply does not understand.

[*]   Admit it is not appropriate to exclude blacks, or anybody, from the celebration of Christmas.   However the creation and continuation of Kwanza should cause blacks to pause before they criticize the holiday some blacks have deemed insufficient.