Question, what is more important to the editors of the New York Slimes, true Middle East peace or a feather for President Pinocchio? Ok shoot me, rhetorical question,via Israel Matzov *:.

Even so, Israel, groups like the Washington, D.C.-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies and lawmakers like Senator Mark Kirk, Republican of Illinois, want to ratchet up the pressure. Their stated aim is to force Iran to completely dismantle its nuclear program.

From a Western perspective, that would be an ideal outcome. But new sanctions are unlikely to force Iran to abandon an enterprise in which it has invested billions of dollars and a great deal of national pride. Fresh sanctions would also shred whatever little good will the United States and Iran have begun to rekindle. If Tehran walks away from the talks, Washington will be blamed, the international unity supporting the network of sanctions already in place will unravel, and countries that have reduced imports of oil from Iran will find fewer reasons to continue doing so.

A nuclear Iran is not a recipe for Middle East peace. The Slimes wants a deal, any deal, much like Obama wanted any health care law associated with his name. We are seeing the price our nation’s is paying for Barack Obama’s obsession for a health care law, any law. Let us not condemn the State of Israel to destruction because of Obama’s blind obsession with any Middle East deal both purporting to deal with peace and to be associated with his name.   Remember the same geniuses who thought that Obama Care would insure the uninsured, bend down the cost of health care, and lower the rise of the oceans, are the same idiots who sent John “French” Kerry to negotiate a so-called peace deal.

(*) I will not link what I am blocked from quoting.