Barack Obama as the JokerYet another Obama Care glitch, brought to by the not ready for prime time administration, from Sean Gallagher

Amid all the attention, bugs, and work happening at in light of the Affordable Care Act, potential registrants talking to phone support today have been told that all user passwords are being reset to help address the site’s login woes. And the tech supports behind will be asking more users to act in the name of fixing the site, too. According to registrants speaking with Ars, individuals whose logins never made it to the site’s database will have to re-register using a different username, as their previously chosen names are now stuck in authentication limbo

Hat tip and reax, JohnK, (AoS):

Amateur hour. No worries though, it’s just your personal and private healthcare information we’re entrusting to these clowns

And you thought clowns were supposed to be funny.   Don’t worry, all that sensitive private information, which you trusted the government, which you can no longer access, the regime still has and will still use.   Information for US but not for you.