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Washington: We have a Problem, Obama Lost At Sea with Respect to Syria.

Maybe it is fitting that the Obama administration is lost at sea with respect to Syria, given their foreign policy is headed by former naval officer who falsely claimed to have piloted a Swift Boat into Cambodia. from Clarice Feldman, American Thinker [1]:

Looking over the week’s crazy developments, I can see only one coherent strand in Obama’s foreign policy. He wants to make sure that John Kerry and Hillary Clinton will never be elected president. After sacrificing Hillary’s career on the blood-streaked walls of Benghazi he had Kerry appear before the Congress and take positions utterly at odds with those he’s taken all his life, supplied him with information disputed by other members of the administration, and had him make indefensible statements without any evidentiary support at all.

Now there is no evidence that Barack Obama is particularly smart.  President Obama is not even smart enough to remember what he said when he wasa Senator, from Karen, Lonely Conservative [2]:

Judge Jeanine Pirro began her show, Saturday evening echoing what so many of us have been thinking and saying about Obama’s credibility deficit on Syria due to his countless lies and scandals.

“Now you want the American people, after all they’ve been through, to take you at your word, and blindly follow you into another Middle East conflict?” She asked.

The public does not support Obama one man vendetta against BAssser Assad, becuase Obana has not made his case, and can not. The public will not trust Obama, because Obama has shown that he can be trusted.

I disagree with Eric that Obama has a plan.  I don’t think Obama is smart enough to formulate a plan.  Do you?