Maybe the House of Representatives can simply declare Australia to be part of Kenya and those make their new Prime Minister designate, Tony Abbottt, a natural born American citizen?

From Daniel Hannan, Telegraph:

Australians like their politicians blunt and pugilistic, and Abbott is certainly that. But his detractors often miss, or affect to miss, his wryness, his self-awareness, his humour. The purple, choking rage he provokes among Lefties has a lot to do with the fact that he is, in their eyes, a kind of class traitor: an intellectual who speaks demotically; a Rhodes Scholar with the common touch; an Australian Roman Catholic who inexcusably refuses to be either republican or Labour.

People of his sort are not supposed to win elections. Abbott believes in God, supports free speech, wants to crack down on illegal immigration and once called global warming “crap”. He opposes same-sex marriage, though in courteous and temperate language (his sister, who is gay, campaigned for him). He has no time for the notion, favoured by some Melbourne cleverdicks, that Australia is an Asian power: his country’s alliances with Britain, the United States and the other Anglophone democracies are central to his world-view

I like where Abbott stands, as does Purp, Ace of Spades:

Here’s the problem — Americans aren’t nearly as willing to call abject failure what it is as Aussies are. We’ve come to embrace the fail, perhaps even celebrate it to a degree. It takes Weiner class fail before Americans start to blanch a bit

Abbott opposes everything President Fifty Seven States supports. Australian came to her senses. Can we do the same?.