Polling shows the vast majority of the American people do not approve of any plans to attack Syria.  But here it is… Obama would never have asserted the non-existent constitutional power to attack Syria absent congressional approval, if he didn’t plan on using it.

Indeed there is evidence that the administration is responsible for the gas attack he blames Assad for…. But even absent that evidence, what have we got? Obama in his usual klutzy way tries to arm rebels to rise against Assad regime which causes a civil war and then as a result of a civil war, lots of people die, Then Obama wants to intervene because lots of people are dying and blames the Assad regime…..

And look, Assad is no White Hat… but there are no such people in the region. Living in the hellish environment brought about by Islam, and its devotees,  how can one survive, without becoming part of the hell? As I have said previously, Islam is still awaiting it’s Martin Luther.

The only people he has been able to get to support our attacking Syria is the same folks who flew planes into our buildings a few years back.

Forgive me, but all that is unimportant to the issue of why Obama is pushing this deadly nonsense just now.

The reason for Obama’s action now, after his apparent lack of attention to the issue,  and despite all the other counter-indicators,is simple enough… he needs to divert attention from the long list of crimes (You might call them “scandals” but I won’t.) attached to this White House, and this President. He also needs to divert the attention of Congress away from defunding Obamacare, which is a real threat to him.

No matter how congress votes, this Syrian affair will not end well. If, as I suppose, they vote “no”, The dems will use it as a bludgeon against the GOP in the next few elections. But Obama will act.

“Wag the Dog”, writ large.




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