Obama_clown-nosePresident Obame, err Obama has high regard for his signature achievement,  the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a/k/a ACA, b/k/a Obama Care.   One,  Obame did not build the ACA.  Rather the law was cobbled together by the staffs of Dirty Harry Reid and Mrs. Pelosi in secret in backrooms  and voted on, and signed, sight unseen.    Two, Obami is not paying for the ACA.  Rather he has saddled the tax payers with the near two billion dollar bill.   Three, no matter what lip service President Obame may give to the ACA, he has exempted himself and the flunkies who enacted the ACA irom the provisions of the act.   So while Obame is willing to shove the ACA down the throat of the public, he himself will be exempt from.

So  given that Barack Obama neither build, is paying for, or is subject to his name sake law, it is time for Obame to let go of his irrational vanity obsession, which he apparently supports only because his name is associated with it, from Seattle Times:

President Barack Obama is appealing to the public anew to pressure Congress to stop undermining his health care law through measures that would threaten a government shutdown or a default on the government’s debts.

In his Saturday radio and Internet address Obama makes it clear he would not accede to Republican efforts to defund the 2010 Affordable Care Act. Obama says, quote, “That’s not happening. And they know it’s not happening.”

The King may foist off his personal desire as if it were law. However we are a nation not of Kings, but rather of laws. AS a republic, if our laws can be said to owned by anybody, they can said to owned by the public, and the public does not support Obama Care. So Mr. President, admit you made a mistake, you trusted Dirty Harry and Mrs. Pelosi. Let you mistake go.